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  1. What’s your name? elizabeth
  2. When is your birthday? feb. 23
  3. Where are you from? WA state
  4. Have a crush? i have a crush on everyone no joke
  5. What’s your favourite colour? pink and green honorable mention orange
  6. Write something in caps? IDK
  7. Got a favourite band? my fav band used to be p!atd but i don’t really like their new stuff like the last album they dropped was soooooo bad. it was literally the worst release of 2013. pretty odd is still my second fav album though. my fav musician is yeezy but jeff buckley is p chill. uhh fav band is prolly death cab for cutie. gorillaz. do the spice girls count??? backstreet boys?? yeah.
  8. Favourite number? 9
  9. Favourite drink? idk the only thing i really drink is water. mikes hard peach lemonade that shit is so good. iced tea/arnold palmer. 
  10. Tag ten people: nah

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Choi Ara and Jin Jungsun for Ceci Korea June 2013

Soo Sunny Park: unwoven light chain link fence sculpture

Aug. 31 11:22 pm


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